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This is my very first post on my EDINA blog and as such I am going to ask you to be gentle on me as this is a bit of an experiment. Obviously this is not my first blog post ever but this is my first experience of having a personal professional blog and I thought I would therefore start by explaining a bit about what I do and why I will be blogging.

screen shot of the EDINA Social Media Page

The Social Media page on the EDINA website.

Firstly, a little in the way of introductions, my name is Nicola Osborne and I work as Social Media Officer for EDINA. If you’ve found this blog the odds are that you already know a bit about EDINA but broadly we provide online resources for Higher and Further Education in the form of over thirty projects and services (information on all of which can be found on the EDINA website).  In my role I provide support, advice and input on social media and new technology to all of these projects which gives me a fantastically busy and varied workload.

With all of those different things going on this blog is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I’m hoping to share experiences and interesting bits of social media and technology news alongside links to interesting social media work both EDINA and other organisations are up to.

A Week in the Life…

To give a sense of what that might include here’s some of what my average week (in this case last week) involves: took part in trials of Wimba; meeting for the Mediahub project; attended TechMeetUp (where I got to meet the new Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab Geek-in-Residence Ben Werdmuller, made some new useful contacts in social media, got to hear about the Hut4 wireframing site for iPhone development, and secured a new source of fresh damsons); followed up contacts and ideas from the Beltane Annual Gathering; planning for the launch of AddressingHistory; and organising @statacc tweets…


We’ve been trialling a new Twitter project with one of our long standing services. The Statistical Accounts of Scotland. The Accounts, which cover the period 1791-1845, are an amazing source of Scottish history including all sorts of observations, folklore, and social history nuggets.

screen shot of an @statacc tweet

A recent @statacc Tweet.

We recently set up both a Facebook and Twitter presence for the accounts and so last week I spent some time creating  notes on how to Tweet for the project and showing colleagues the process of finding, trimming, tagging and scheduling tweets (we are currently using FutureTweets to do this) to be posted as snippits from @statacc. The main problem with getting the snippits together is, happily, that we all get very distracted reading through the accounts!

We are also trying to encourage Statistical Accounts of Scotland users to share their own favourite snippits on the #statacc hashtag and have had some modest success with this so far. Do keep an eye on the @statacc account as we are retweeting the best of these.

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