Nov 172011

Back in September I had the delight of being an invited guest speaker at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge. Francis Rowland, a web developer and user experience designer for EBI, had seen my guest post for Nature’s Soapbox Science blog during the summer and invited me to speak to his colleagues from EBI and the  Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (both organisations share the rather stunning Genome Campus) on s0cial media and how it can be used by Science researchers.

This was quite a tricky brief since I was almost an engineer and know that “science” covers a lot of wildly different bases but I aimed to raise lots of questions and areas for researchers in the sciences to think about so that they could find their own blend of social media presences. I’m leading a session on academic identity and social media at the University of Edinburgh in late November so I’m sure many of the same opportunities and concerns will be raised there.

Huge thanks to EBI for the invite and for lovely hosting and here is the presentation I gave (view it on Prezi to make that EDINA logo rather more proportionate!) – I’d love to hear your comments on it and would recommend Francis’ summary of the talk as an impressively concise record of the talk (see Related Links below).


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