Sep 212011

Welcome to the liveblog for the Social Media & Academia Event at Social Media Week Glasgow.

This panel discussion, arranged by Edinburgh Beltane, Beacon for Public Engagement and EDINA, will focus on the opportunities for using social media in academia, particularly for public engagement where collaboration and communicating research to wider audience can create greater social impact of your work.

The hashtag for the event is #socac and we’ll be watching those tweets so do let us know what you’d like to ask our panellists!


This is an outline of what we will be including in the session – the timings are approximate but should help you get an idea of how the afternoon will work:

3:30 Live poll: What do you currently use Social Media for?

This is currently running – please send in your answers!

And William is doing some housekeeping announcements…

We’ve opened with a brief Introduction from Heather Rea, Project Manager for Edinburgh Beltane, Beacon for Public Engagement and Nicola Osborne, Social Media Officer for EDINA.

Now, meet the panelists! Introductions on who they are and how they are using social media. Continue reading »

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