Jun 232011

Today I will be liveblogging the ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers) Making Sense of Social Media Seminar which is taking place at the British Institute of Radiology in London (where it’s crazily sunny today in stark contrast to Edinburgh yesterday).

Our chair for today is Katie Sayers, SAGE Publications, and the overarching heading for the day is:

“I have a Facebook group for Twitter users that Tweet about podcasters that talk to marketing bloggers”

The programme is looking very much at strategy and more sophisticated ways to weave social media into content and other marketing activities. I’ll be adding my notes to each session as it takes place. The hashtag for today is #ALPSP.

Introduction from Chair – Katie Sayers, SAGE Publications

Katie is welcoming us to the day:

There are lots of speakers from a variety of different publishers. The intent is to take you through various social media strategies, how they have been executed and we will be finishing with talks on metrics. We have 10 minutes for questions towards the end of the day and I would encourage you to be as transparent as possible and make the best use of this session. Continue reading »