Jun 212011

For various projects lately I’ve been using Yahoo! Pipes to automatically create aggregations of multiple RSS Feeds to that can then be reused somewhere else like a Facebook Page’s Notes section (where you can only add one RSS feed) or a sidebar on a blog (e.g. the project updates shown on the GECO blog).

I know that some of you will be dab hands with Yahoo! Pipes but it can be a bit scary to get started with so I thought I’d share my “How To…” guide for building aggregated RSS feeds with Pipes here.

Building a Good Aggregation of Feeds

The first thing to do is identify which feeds you want to combine. This is a matter of deciding what is available and what your audience actually wants to see. Generally an aggregation of blog posts, youtube videos and similar content (that is posted infrequently and stays relevant for a while) will work well. Twitter tends to be updated frequently and dominate a feed so Twitter generally works better as a separate channel (unless you are using it sparingly for key announcements or update your other channels frequently).

Once you have identified your feeds…

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