May 092011

On Friday 25th March I attended the Scraperwiki Hacks and Hackers Day at BBC Scotland in Glasgow. As it turned out I was too busy taking part in the hacking to get my notes up on the day so this is a very belated “live blog” largely covering the opening and closing sections of the day. It’s also well worth looking the BBC videos of the day and the Official ScraperWiki blogging on the day.


Aine McGuire introduced the day. Hacks & Hackers Day Glasgow has been arranged by ScraperWiki, supported by BBC Scotland, the BBC College of Journalism and with prizes donated by the Guardian Open Platform.

Francis Irving was next up giving an introduction to Scraper Wiki (see also the video below)

YouTube Preview Image

Julian Todd, CTO of SraperWiki had started the site when wanting to know how his MP had voted. Other people were interested, and thus started TheyWorkForYou. Along with voting records some new data was added about divisions etc.

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May 092011

Apologies are in order as it has been rather quiet on my blog for the last month or so but I do have various event write ups and a few other posts in various states of draft as it’s been a busy few weeks. So, over the next 48 hours, expect a little rush of posts as I catch up with myself!

Finally, since it won’t quite into my other posts, if you are at Internet World this Wednesday or are planning to attend the ALPSP Making Sense of Social Media seminar next month do wave hello.

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