Feb 172011

Today I’m live-blogging (and as such all the usual rules – I may make updates and add links etc. later on) the talk by Professor Richard Edwards, The School of Education at Stirling for DiCE entitled:

Mobilities and moorings in cyber education

Richard’s previous work has been on topics like postmodernism, post-humanism, post-globalism etc.  Richard is head of the School of Education at Stirling.

Richard will outline his thinking on spatial theory and spatial theory applied to education. And also on a particular project called Ensemble on the semantic web, spatial theory, technology and education.

Richard started as an undergraduate in geography, then moved into philosophy but geography has gotten more interesting recently and I’ve migrated back into that. There’s a lot of discussion on spaces and learning spaces in education but the notion of space is not theorized. So I try to look at the way in which spatial theory developing and what that means for educational technology, if it means anything at all. I’ll be presenting some of my current thinking but it’s a work in progress as any good research should be.

We’re all aware of new possibilities that have and continue to emerge in technologies and education. Then thinking about the different ways we can take that up and the ways in which we can look at relationships and connections etc.

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