Jan 262011

Today I am live blogging again. The talking so far today has been very fast so there will be a lot of typos today and much fixing later…

Ben Showers, one of the Programme Managers at JISC is introducing day 2

Report on library management horizon picked up on open source as one of the potential areas for development, a peripheral interest at the time but the report made clear that we should keep an eye on this. The report led to JISC commissioning some projects on library management systems – some on the user experience and interface, and two smaller themes on electronic resource management and the other on open source – there was only one project in each of those strands. Ironically those two projects are the ones that have snowballed and we are doing work with SCONUL looking at requirement for shared electronic resource management system and we’re also now starting to look more at Open Source work and projects, tools like Koha etc.

Ben Showers introducing Day 2

So it seemed important to tap into the community that already exists and is interested in open source and the mashed library community seemed like a key group. SO that was not just about yesterday, the mashed library element, but about today – to look at what we might do. Library systems are not as mature as it liked to think it is – it’s a little bit like a teenager – it can be annoying but it can also give you a glimpse of the future and of potential.

We will be tight on time this morning so speakers will be getting hurried along if needed.

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